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Health: expert voice for Sanremo singers, risotto with pears and a few virtuosities

The osteopath of the stars reveals the secrets of the golden uvula: behind the scenes meditation and little water, on stage singing with the heart against stress and performance anxiety. And the Malika-style dental braces, cleared through customs in the US, are also increasingly widespread in Italy

Milan, 11 Feb. (AdnKronos Health)

On stage singing with the heart, privileging the emotional aspect to virtuosity, difficult to control under the spotlight of Sanremo. Behind the scenes vocal warm-up, meditation and concentration exercises. Avoid taking too much fluids, smoking or drinking alcohol before performing. And as the 'last supper' in view of the performance "risotto with pears: it is the secret dish of many great American artists because both ingredients retain a lot of moisture, managing to lubricate and moisten the mucous membranes well, and favoring an ideal distribution of liquids during digestion ".

This is the recipe for a winning Sanremo 'cooked' for Adnkronos Salute by Valentina Carlile, a young Milanese osteopath who treats the voice with her hands. A true authority on the subject: in the Olympus of music