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Osteopathy and Singing: Menopause and Loss of High Vocal Range, History of M.

M. was 50 when we started working together. She was preparing for a concert season and had developed vocal disturbances due to a lack of good and sound technique, and ultimately suffered from a loss of high vocal range, diagnosed due to menopause. She was an already acclaimed artist with a long career, she used to have a beautiful voice color in the middle and chest register. However, this color did not remain as she moved up and through the upper register. Her voice was starting to get screeching with a heavy load of tension at the base of her tongue. All this was accompanied by an unusual high position of the larynx. What was once the best part of her voice and the easiest to use had become difficult and torn.

Her vocal coach contacted me because she had heard about my work on the voice and immediately after our interview she started applying / u / exercises with open throat space behind, in the meantime planning osteopathic treatments that I promptly performed working on the reduction of glottic and subglottic respiratory pressure at rest and in vocalization. Over the course of 3-4 weeks M. began to find her SI and DO of her high from a functional point of view, just like before menopause.