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Osteopathy and Stuttering: and what can I do between one osteopathic treatment and another?

Often when patients are presented with stuttering, once an osteopathic treatment plan has been prepared and the first results of treatment seen, patients ask how they can collaborate by doing something on their own. Apart from some exercises to become aware of the glottal movement that I always recommend, I always suggest a 'self-study' if they have not already undertaken it with a speech therapist and / or psychotherapist. This self-study is not intended to be a substitute for a medical procedure but is useful for an osteopath to gather further information on the manifestation of stuttering. Each sound has its own setting and articulation and the repetition of spoiled attitudes, even of a respiratory type, only on certain sounds can help guide the search and resolution of the somatic dysfunctions underlying the problem. I have been dealing with stuttering osteopathically for about 6 years and research in the field is a continuous gesture and every time something is found, an important element is added.

Sure stammering creates frustration. One can feel discouraged and angry with oneself and the world. Often nothing you do seems to be effective i