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Osteopathy and Voice: Post-surgical Reinke's Edema, History of L.

Post-surgical Reinke's Edema

L., a 79-year-old woman, went to the office of a speech therapist with whom I collaborate for a vocal evaluation sent by her otolaryngologist. The complaints were: continuous vocal strain, hoarseness and loss of voice after surgery for Reinke's edema.

As reported, L. she had for two months a worsening hoarseness with moments of interruption of voice, lowering of voice, more serious tones, inability to speak aloud when she decided to contact her ENT. She was diagnosed with Reinke's edema which involved immediate stripping of both vocal cords about a month before our consultation.

Before the surgery L. she had not been referred to a speech therapist, nor after. She was only advised to stay at full vocal rest for 2 full days after surgery.