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Osteopathy and Voice: Vocal Cord Dysfunction, Story of C.

C., a 15-year-old girl, has always played volleyball.

Suddenly it began to happen that only a few minutes before entering the field she C. she began to have breathlessness and shortness of breath. The repetition of her symptoms with regularity and constancy were making her frustrated and worried, causing her to breathe even worse. If it happened that all this happened on the field, she asked to get out immediately.

Wheezing and shortness of breath were classic signs for her doctor: exercise-induced asthma symptoms, so she prescribed a bronchodilator to use before physical activity and before the game to prevent respiratory problems.

Since the treatment was not successful, she C. and her team doctor took another therapeutic approach with asthma and allergy medications, including corticosteoids to treat inflammation of the airways. Once again, game after game, C. kept going off the pitch for the same problem.