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Osteopathy: How to treat voice disorders and improve it

Among the most common voice disorders we find nodules, polyps, cysts, hemorrhagic flaps, chordal paralysis, chordal paresis, inclined vocal cords, granulomas, polypoid degenerations, and spastic dysphonies.

Many factors can trigger a vocal pathology, such as a bacterial or viral cause, infections, allergies, gastroesophageal reflux, cervical problems, substance abuse, psychogenic factors, etc.

Vocal disturbances can also be the result of a very personal physical use of the voice, use that we can call overload, misuse or abuse. However, what most ailments have in common is some form of muscle imbalance. For example, although paralysis and paresis can be caused by viruses, granulomas can originate from gastroesophageal reflux and polyps can originate from smoking, these irritants trigger the phase of muscle imbalance in and of itself.

The key to treating voice disorders is to both address muscle imbalance and try to reduce irritants.