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Osteopathy, thyroidectomy and vocal disorders

Complications to thyroidectomy surgical interventions are by no means uncommon and very often manifest as voice disorders.

From a study carried out on 395 patients, designed to describe the quality of the voice after total thyroidectomy and conducted up to 12 postoperative months, it was found that 21% of these patients had voice disorders already before the surgery, while 49% developed them following the surgery. Half of the group recovered the vocal parameters within the first month after surgery and 85% of patients recovered them after 5 months. One year after the operation, the patients who still had vocal problems were 1.26%.

This showed that vocal disturbances are common after a thyroidectomy but are usually transient and less than 20% of these persist at 6 months.

Patients should always be informed about the risk of onset of vocal disorders after surgery.

Most of these disorders are attributable to a nerve injury (recurrent or external laryngeal). However, some patients report post thyroidectomy vocal disorders for which the pathogenesis has not yet been well